How to fix a video game crash with Oculus Touch VR

A video game called “Mortal Kombat X” is experiencing some problems with its Oculus Touch controllers.

The game is being updated to the latest version of the Oculus Touch SDK and is being released to all of its customers.

The latest update to the Oculus SDK has been released this morning.

The problem was first reported by Oculus developer Chris Lister.

In the latest update, Lister noted that he is seeing a lot of errors with controllers.

He writes that he has “started noticing errors like this:If I press a button on the controller that says ‘MVP’, it will trigger the player’s death in MVC and it will go off as a menu screen.

This happens every time I restart the game and try to move or shoot in MVP mode.”

In MVC, players are “allowed to press a different button on a controller to do something different.

They can then do this in any other way that they like.

In some games, you can also use the joystick to move around the environment.

The issue with the Oculus controllers seems to be a bug that allows the controllers to reset themselves.

Lister is now trying to find a way to fix it.

He is using a combination of an old controller and a new one that is “a bit more reliable and better looking” to help him.

In his first attempt to fix the problem, Listers new controller failed.

He explains, “My old controller failed, and I was wondering if I could fix it by making the controller itself have a new firmware, then trying to recreate the issue, but my new controller had the issue too.”

I then made the controller and the firmware both have a different firmware and tried to recreate it.

After about 10 minutes, the problem was fixed.”

Here’s Lister’s original post, which we’ve updated for clarity:The latest version, the version of Oculus Touch that has been officially released, is 4.4.5.