Golf Online: Israel has new game, but how to play it

GOLF Online, Israel’s top online gaming platform, is launching a new online game that requires users to check their phone number against a database to verify they are online.

The online game, which is in beta and is available only in Israel, allows users to compete online against other users who are online as well as in real life.

The company’s CEO, Giora Kachar, told the Israeli daily Haaretz that the company plans to offer the game to foreign countries.

“We have a long list of customers, which includes the U.S., Canada, and Europe,” she said.

“And we hope to bring the game overseas as well.

We have a very good working relationship with our partners in these countries.”

Kachak also said the new game is not a gambling app, and the company has no plans to launch it in the U:Israel, the Middle East’s third-largest economy, has struggled with rising crime and drug use, a shortage of doctors and other services and the growing economic impact of the Middle Eastern oil embargo.

The game, called Go Online, uses a system called “social proof” to verify whether users are actually online.

Players log on to a website, such as Golf Online, and input their phone numbers.

If they don’t receive a verification response within a few minutes, they have to pay a small fee to enter the database and get their phone confirmed.

The game’s developers say that users must pay to get a verification result.

The fee is only about $5 to $10.

Kachar said the company is in talks with foreign countries and hopes to launch the game in the coming weeks.

Katch wrote in an email that the new Go Online will have a “deep social connection” and offer “free social gaming experiences.”

The game is available in English, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Spanish and Portuguese.