Which game is the most popular online drinking game?

Online drinking games have become so popular that they’re now being played by as many as 2 billion people in the United States alone.

The game is being played online by nearly 2 billion of the country’s 1.6 billion residents, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The online drinking games that are being played now are often of a higher quality than what’s being played in person, according the study.

The researchers looked at games from major sites like Facebook and Twitch.com to find out which online drinking app is the biggest in terms of how many people play each game.

The games that were playing the most online are those that were rated as the highest in quality and accessibility by users.

These games are mostly multiplayer games, where players are paired up with a partner to play a game together.

The drinking game that’s been the most played online is “drinking party,” according to the study, which is the highest rated online drinking application.

This is also the one that users report playing the least online.

A total of 1.4 billion people are playing online drinking in the U.S., according to Nielsen.

In 2016, there were more than 13 billion hours of drinking video played online.

The top three drinking apps in terms to how many users are playing each are Tinder, Fandango and GameTap.

A survey conducted by the Consumer Technology Association in 2017 found that the average U.K. user spent nearly five hours a day on their smartphone, with the average amount spent on alcohol being more than $3.50 per day.

This study looks at the apps that people are using online and how they compare to the quality of their drinking.

In 2017, Tinder’s app had an average user score of 2.3, which was higher than the next most popular, Tinder for Android, at 1.1.

GameTap’s app also had an Average user score at 2.4.

Tinder and GameTapper’s average user scores were more or less the same, with a user average of 2 hours of online drinking time per day and a user’s average of one hour of drinking time each day.

These are the three most popular apps, according with the most users.

Tinder had the most active users in terms and in the time they spent playing drinking games.

According to the report, the average user spent about six hours a week playing online gaming.

The most popular gaming apps were Clash Royale, Angry Birds Star Wars and Clash Royale 2.

This was followed by Fandang, Clash Royale and League of Legends, which were both on the top 10 most popular games.

Tinder users are also the most likely to play online drinking online.

Nearly 90 percent of Tinder users play online games on a regular basis, and about 93 percent of Fandangers users also play online gaming at least once a week.

This number is about double the percentage of Tinder’s users who play online video games.

In 2018, the top three online drinking apps are Clash Royale for Android and Fandanguo for iOS.

The next most played games were Clash of Clans, Clash of Heroes and Clash of War.