Disney is considering a VR app for the family

The Disney Parks Blog has learned that the company is actively considering a virtual game online and a mobile app for families.

The blog first reported on Disney’s interest in the virtual game idea.

The company would need to have at least a basic understanding of the game to consider the project.

According to the blog, the virtual games could be “very interactive and full of life.”

Disney would likely need to put up the virtual app, but it’s not clear how the company would fund it.

The Disney company is currently in the process of developing its own games.

Disney also announced last week that it was developing an online VR experience for its parks, including a “Disneyworld” experience.

That project is currently being tested on a smaller scale.

The VR platform Oculus Rift is expected to debut later this year for the $2,000-$3,000 price tag.

In March, Disney announced that it would launch a new VR platform for Disney World called VR Worlds.

Disney could possibly consider using a similar VR app as the one it’s working on with Oculus.

The platform would be developed by Microsoft Studios and could offer the ability to “create, explore, and share your own virtual worlds.”

VR Worlds could offer similar features as those found in Disney’s own “DisneyQuest” online game.

Disney’s new VR app would be similar to the DisneyQuest experience and the Disney app on mobile.

The app would also include features like “playlists,” “tiles,” and “maps.”

Disney also recently announced it would open a new location called “The Magic Kingdom” at Epcot.

The new location will be located in Disney World, which includes a new “tourism center.”

Disney has not yet revealed the name of the new location, which is part of the expansion of the theme park’s theme park area, and the theme parks that will be open there, which include “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,” “Mickey’s Fun Land,” and other theme parks.

The attraction in question is called the “Star Tours” attraction, and it will open to guests this spring.

Disney is also working on a new Disney VR app called “Disney Experience.”

The app will provide Disney guests with the opportunity to “experience an interactive and immersive experience that will bring the Magic Kingdom® to life with Disney Parks and Disney World.”

Disney is not yet planning on opening the new Disney app to the public, but there is speculation it could be released later this month.

Disney already has an online virtual game called “Starring Mickey” that allows users to “tune in” to live performances and play with other Disney guests.

The online game also allows guests to “join” other virtual guests in the same virtual space, which could be similar.

Disney previously opened an app for use with DisneyQuest, which allows users “to create, explore and share their own virtual world.”

DisneyQuest users can also participate in virtual concerts and other entertainment activities.

The virtual “Star Trek: Voyager” game is one of the most popular “StarTrek” games on the app, with nearly 4.3 million users.

There are also virtual reality “StarWars: Battlefront,” “StarCraft: Armada,” and virtual “Mortal Kombat.”

The “StarTropics” game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation VR is one popular virtual game for these headsets.

Disney recently announced that the next Star Wars game is “StarDrive.”

The game will be available for download and play in the “Disney World” app in April, with a price tag of $49.99.