Minecraft, Pokemon, and Star Wars: Battlefront II release dates announced for PS4 and Xbox One

Posted September 08, 2018 09:03:20 The biggest new additions to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one have been announced.

First up, Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition will be available for purchase on October 15.

This game will come with a digital copy of the game, plus a $10 coupon for a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Players can play the game on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and the PS4.

Players who already own the PS3 version can download it for free from November 1st.

Nintendo’s latest addition to the console is Star Wars Battlefront, which will be released on October 31.

This action-packed game will be playable on PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Store, and in the Nintendo eShop on October 26.

The game will also include a free trial of the Premium Edition for $5.

The free trial includes access to all Star Wars content, as well as the new multiplayer mode, and a free upgrade to the Deluxe Edition of the base game.

Players will be able to upgrade their consoles by purchasing additional DLC packs for $4.99 each.

Nintendo is also introducing Star Wars Pinball for PS Plus and Xbox Live, which lets players play a pinball table for free on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendo also announced Star Wars Arcade and Star War: Arcade Collection, a bundle that includes the arcade game Star Wars Galaxies for free.

Nintendo has also released the following list of free games:Star Wars Pinball, Star Wars Galaxy, Star War Pinball, and Starsiege: Armageddon.

Star Wars Battlemaster will be included in the Deluxe edition of the Star Wars games, which is available for $10.

Star Wars Heroes, Star WAR: Pinball and Star WAR Arcade Collection are also available for free at the Nintendo EShop.

The Star Wars Trading Card Game is also included in this bundle.

StarWars Pinball will be added to the PS Plus program.

The full list of Star Wars titles is as follows:Star War Pinball: Battle for Endor (PS Plus version), Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Star Assault: Dark Victory, Star Strike: Rebel Strike, Star Saber, Star Trooper, Star Battleground, Star Warrior, Star Destroyer, Star Fighter, Star Destroyers, Star Cruiser, Star Interceptor, Star Scout, Star X-Wing, Star Wolf, Star Y-Wing and Star XIX.

Star War: Pinball: Starfighter Edition (PS+ version), the official Star Wars Star Wars Pinball game for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox, PS4, Wii U, Wii, and PC.

Star Trek Online: Elite Squadron (PS+) will be free.

Star Trek Online will be updated to the PC version of the console game, which includes a free expansion pack, which features the new Romulan Republic ship, the Kazon-class.

Star wars game publisher Electronic Arts is bringing a new Star Wars game to the Xbox Store.

This title will be a single-player online shooter for Xbox Live.

Players will be matched up with friends and compete in an online match with up to 10 players, with new players being matched at the end of each match.

Players with an Xbox Live account will be automatically matched with other players, and will be granted a chance to earn free copies of the title as well.

The Xbox Live game will launch for $59.99 on October 16.