Google and Twitter banned Pokemon Go for ‘unnatural behavior’

Google and the online game Pokémon Go are the latest tech companies to ban Pokemon Go players for using a swear word in a video game.

Users of the Pokemon Go mobile game are banned from posting the word ‘go’ anywhere online, including YouTube and Facebook.

The move comes in response to users posting images of the game, which allows players to capture and battle wild Pokemon and capture and defeat other players.

Pokemon Go uses GPS technology to track players’ locations and allows players in different locations to share information about nearby Pokemon.

The online game is the latest in a series of gaming apps to be banned in recent months.

A similar ban was imposed on Snapchat in August, followed by the Twitter app in October and the Apple app in December.

Twitter announced in December it would suspend Pokemon Go from the platform after users posted a video of the app running in a virtual city in the city of Austin.

A spokesman for Google told Vice News the company is “committed to making our services as safe as possible for everyone online.”