How to get a free $50 game from the Facebook games page: Facebook

In a post on its Facebook page Thursday, Facebook said it would begin “scary” games that allow players to play for free.

The Facebook page has over 500 million likes and 4.4 billion daily active users.

“We are excited to introduce the free Halloween Horror Games page,” Facebook said.

“The page will let you play scary games on Facebook Live and on Facebook Messenger.

The games are also playable in the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.”

Facebook’s announcement comes after the company announced its Oculus VR headset will be free for the first month of its availability.

Facebook also said it is adding more games to its Oculus Rift VR app later this month.

The Facebook page includes games from all over the world, but the games appear to be mostly from the United States.

Here’s a rundown of the games on offer, along with some of the more scary ones that have surfaced on the social media site.

The free games page is a little different than Facebook’s other gaming apps, which require a paid subscription to play.

Facebook says the games are all free, but some games have a paid option that requires a payment.

For example, the game The Haunting of Hill House, from developer Naughty Dog, requires a $20 paid subscription.

Facebook’s announcement says that the free games section will be updated to include the paid option in the future.