How to watch YouTube videos with an Android device

I love my Samsung Galaxy S7, but it’s not a perfect Android phone.

The screen is a little flimsy, the camera is mediocre, and the camera app has some questionable options for selfies.

But thanks to a trick I learned while working on my own video editing app, I can now stream video to my iPhone 6 Plus from any web browser on my phone.

So I’m finally able to get my iPhone to play the same YouTube video from my laptop, as long as I’ve got my phone handy.

It’s a handy trick, and a lot of other video editing apps offer similar functionality, but you have to do it in a way that’s easier on the hardware.

This guide will show you how to stream video from a web browser to your iPhone 6 plus.

If you’re on a Mac, there are several other apps that can do the same thing, but if you’re using a PC, it’ll probably require a different way of loading a video.

I’ll show you all of the apps and how to load videos into the web browser in a second, but first let’s start with the basics of video streaming.

A few quick notes on the video streaming app streaming basics This section of the guide assumes that you have already installed YouTube on your computer and you’ve started using the Google Chrome web browser.

If not, then this section should help you get started.

If your computer has a built-in video playback tool, then the instructions below should work just fine.

If the video player is the one that displays the video stream in Chrome, you’ll probably have to disable it in order to make this guide work.

In Chrome, go to Tools > Advanced options > Video and then turn on the “Play on Chromecast” setting.

That should make YouTube work.

If YouTube doesn’t show up in the video viewer, then you’ll have to download a video player and install it on your phone.

Once that’s done, you can use the video browser to start streaming videos from your phone and then watch them from your computer, and if you want to turn off YouTube, just turn it off.

If that’s the case, you should be able to open up your video player on your Mac or PC and then start streaming it, as it’ll only play the videos from the video on the device that’s connected to the internet.

To stream a video to your phone, simply tap the Play button on your video streamer and the video will start streaming to your device.

If all is well, you will see a video that looks like this: The video will then play for a few seconds, then stop.

The last thing to do is go to Settings > General > Video playback.

If everything went well, then YouTube should now be working.

If it didn’t, you may need to disable some video playback features on your device, like automatic background processing and the ability to change the quality of video playback.

Video playback on Chrome is really simple, so I won’t go into much detail here.

If nothing went right, just go to the video playback settings page and tap “OK.”

That should bring up a new video player that looks something like this, and then tap the “OK” button: Once the video is loaded, it should show up as a video on your browser.

I know it’s probably confusing to some of you, but this video is streamed from my phone and the browser doesn’t have to be the one playing it.

To use this video on another device, just click the “Browse” button on the lower right of the video.

It will load the video in a new tab, then a new window will open.

If anything is wrong, then just go back to the original tab and try again.

This is just a very basic guide, but I hope it helps you to get started with YouTube on a device.

Now that we have all of that in place, let’s take a look at how to get YouTube to play a video from your iPhone.

If a video you’re interested in isn’t on the list, click the drop-down menu at the top of the page and search for it.

If there’s no video you can play, then scroll down to the “Search” section.

On the top right of that page you’ll see the search bar.

This list is designed to help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

If at any point you don’t see what you want, then click the gear icon at the bottom of the screen and you’ll find what’s there: Click on the search button and it will show a list of videos that match what you search for.

From there, just search for the video you want.

For example, let me show you an example of what I would do to stream a movie to my phone: If you want the full-screen version of the above video, you’re going to have to scroll down a little bit, and find a video called