Sonic Mania: ‘Everything is perfect and perfect in the world, and everything is bad’

Sonic Mania has become one of the biggest successes of the video game industry in recent years, but not everyone is happy with its reception.

According to a new poll, 64% of respondents said they had played Sonic Mania, while just 12% had played the sequel.

The poll, conducted by the social media company Twitter, was conducted on May 25 and 26.

The results are based on more than 10,000 tweets, and were shared by many players on Twitter.

The survey was done on the same day that the UK’s National Audit Office (NAO) published its report on the UK Games Industry.

The NAO found that the Games Industry has been failing to provide sufficient oversight, and that there is an “immediate risk” of an industry-wide collapse.

The report said the UK is “losing out on new IP development, new jobs, and new revenues”, and that a number of UK companies are currently struggling to pay their staff.

The agency’s chairman, Martin Wheatley, said: “The games industry is in the midst of a difficult time.

We need to do everything we can to protect the jobs and livelihoods of the UK game developers.”

The NAI has recommended a range of measures, including new legislation and more resources for the UK to make the games industry “more resilient and secure”.

The agency also said that more “real-world risk assessments” needed to be undertaken.

It said that “over the past decade, the games business has grown by 50% in value”, and the market was “under pressure from new entrants and an increasing number of governments”.

According to the NAO, there is “overwhelming evidence that the games market is experiencing a sharp increase in competition and that this growth has been exacerbated by the emergence of new entrants”.

“These new players and new players from outside the industry have a greater incentive to innovate and compete for market share and to create new products and services, which are at the expense of established players,” the report said.

“In addition, many new players, especially those from outside of the industry, are not only less skilled than their traditional competitors but also less able to adapt to the changing game industry.”

The report recommended that the government provide more money to ensure that “all sectors of the economy can survive, while maintaining the existing market share of established firms”.