PlayMash is taking a stand on online gaming, Mash Gaming says

PLAYMASH has come under fire for its new anti-online gambling policy.

Launched on Thursday, the app now has an online-only policy.

This means users can’t play games like Blackjack, Omaha Jackpots, Roulette or Pool.

The company is trying to fight a backlash from gaming fans who say they have been cheated out of money by online gambling.

It says its online-exclusive policies will only apply to users who are registered with the app.

PlayMash said it has received nearly 5,000 reports of cheating.

It has also heard from customers who have been kicked out of the app after they failed to follow the policy.

It said it would continue to work with law enforcement authorities and help them track down those responsible for cheating.

Online gambling has become a hot topic in the US and in Europe recently as a way to boost the number of Americans gambling online.

But there are concerns about the effect of these online games on children.

Mash says it has been working on an online gambling policy for about a year, but had to remove it after people began complaining.

“The only reason we have removed the policy is that there was no evidence of criminal activity,” PlayMakesthat told Mash.