Mario games online: ‘We are confident that our service will be as successful as ever’

It seems like Nintendo’s online service has been hit by some serious competition in recent months.The company has been under intense pressure in recent weeks as its online services have seen a surge in users with the recent release of Super Mario Run.While Mario is the most popular game, the company has faced some competition […]

When it comes to cash flow, the video game industry is a mess

FourFourOne The cash flow numbers you’ve been hearing about from gaming publishers are all over the place.How much revenue did your games make last year?How many sales did you have?What about the digital sales?All these questions can be answered in a spreadsheet, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a pretty good answer for every one.But […]

Online game: Online poker game with 3D graphics to play online

Online poker games with 3-D graphics can be played online.Online poker sites like Blackjack and Scrabble, which were first introduced in 2013, are becoming increasingly popular as players play against each other.A game called ‘Blackjack 2D’ (which translates to ‘Blackmail 2D’) uses the same engine as ‘BlackJack’, but has a new name: ‘Online Poker 2D’.This […]

When games are social games, why not games that are also social?

A recent study conducted by the Australian Academy of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that the majority of Australians play online games.While that may seem like a strange statistic, the data showed that online gaming is the second most common form of game use in Australia, after gaming consoles.This […]

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